What’s all this about?

I am here to provide insight to the many sexual freedoms women and men can learn about and take pleasure in. The goal isn’t solely to address the limitations we face due to societal norms, but to fairly discuss the sexual health of relationships—from both the male and female perspectives. My husband will chime in on occasion to share his insights.

I will be candid about my life—even those moments that make me question myself. There will be stories about how I became an OnlyFans adult creator with complete support from my husband. I’ll explain how mentally preparing for this type of work was a necessity. 

Additionally, there will be insight into the swinging lifestyle—as well as the various types of relationships and activities partners can explore both together and alone. Although you may get perspectives from different areas of the sexual spectrum, you’ll witness what works for us and what didn’t.

What you’ll get.

There will be conversations on all aspects of sexuality, as well as what goes on behind our proverbial closed door. We are creating a space where readers are comfortable asking questions or simply join the conversation with personal opinions. Discussions will include, but never limited to:

Sex - Infidelity, Swinging Lifestyle, Open Relationships, Monogamy, Fetish, Kink

Women's Studies/Body Image

Everyday Life - Marriage/Divorce/Family

Books We Read - Self-Help, Sexuality, Relationships

Drive Home Series (Paid Subscribers)

No matter the circumstances, it’s on the drive home we all contemplate our lives and our actions. Whether we are married, dating, having an affair, met someone new at the coffee shop—we rationalize, hypothesize, and generalize the encounter.

Everything looks so clear in the rearview mirror, doesn’t it?

In this series, I reflect on my sexual history, which started thirty-three years ago. There are many experiences that I questioned, some that leave me apathetic, and a few I wouldn’t mind doing again. Regret is not a meaningful feeling unless there is knowledge to be gained.

As we take the drive home, my goal is to understand the decisions I made and perhaps you might connect the experiences into your own life.

Join us.

Be part of a community of people who want to know more about sexual health, both for themselves and their partners.

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I'm not your everyday MILF, but I still have it going on. I love reading and a certified book hoarder with thousands of books on hand. I love to write... currently about sex and sexuality. I also giggle when inappropriate.
Overall nice guy who likes tacos and sex.